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Ethan Sickels

Ext. 301

Superintendent ethan.sickels@rpbluejays.com  
Copy of 00395.jpg

Steve Waigand

Ext. 305






Michelle Garst
Ext. 305

Administrative Assistant michelle.garst@rpbluejays.com  
 Kari 00346.jpg

Kari Beth Amthor
Ext. 221

3rd Grade kari.amthor@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Amthor's Page

Katarina Bennett


6th Grade katarina.bennett@rpbluejays.com  

Kymm Bredensteiner
Ext. 225

1st Grade kymm.bredensteiner@rpbluejays.com  

Kendall Carpenter
Ext. 222

2nd Grade kendall.carpenter@rpbluejays.com  
 00378 (1).jpg

Tyne Chaney

Ext. 232

Paraprofessional  tyne.chaney@rpbluejays.com  

Danyal Coon


6th Grade danyal.coon@rpbluejays.com  

Tricia Crawford

Ext. 219

Special Education tricia.crawford@rpbluejays.com  

Melissa Comstock

Custodian melissa.comstock@rpbluejays.com  

Georgia Criger

Custodian georgia.criger@rpbluejays.com  
 00353.jpg Tawni Ellis
Ext. 226
 Counselor tawni.ellis@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Ellis' Page 
 00356.jpg Cindie Gaines
Ext. 239
Preschool cindie.gaines@rpbluejays.com  
 00357.jpg Stephen Gaines
Ext. 237
Title 1 Math, P.E. stephen.gaines@rpbluejays.com  

Tiffanie Gaines


Elementary Computers, Title 1 Math tiffanie.gaines@rpbluejays.com  
 Jennifer 00360.jpg Jennifer Geib
Ext. 220
3rd Grade jennifer.geib@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Geib's Page
Copy of 00363.jpg Jill Gilson
Ext. 223 
2nd Grade jill.gilson@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Gilson's Page

Kaitlea Hastert


5th Grade kaitlea.hastert@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Hastert's Page 
 00364.jpg Wendy Hays
Ext. 227
Nurse wendy.hays@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Hays' Page

Carol Herron

 00371.jpg Lynn Hunter
Ext. 234
Music lynn.hunter@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Hunter's Page

Tisha Jackson

Ext. 231

Parents As Teachers tisha.jackson@rpbluejays.com  

Leigh Ann Lawrence
Ext. 230

Kindergarten leighann.lawrence@rpbluejays.com  

Mark McMahon

Maintenance mark.mcmahon@rpbluejays.com  
Copy of 00377.jpg

Teresa Mertens
Ext. 236

Title 1 Reading teresa.mertens@rpbluejays.com Ms. Mertens' Page 

Sarah Millsap


First Grade sarah.millsap@rpbluejays.com  
 00382.jpg Abby Palmer
Ext. 120
Band abby.palmer@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Palmer's Page
00384.jpg Brittany Paris Paraprofessional brittany.paris@rpbluejays.com  
 00388.jpg Sheena Roup
Kindergarten sheena.roup@rpbluejays.com Ms. Roup's Page
 00389.jpg Jennifer Rueckert
Ext. 165
Art jennifer.rueckert@rpbluejays.com

Mrs. Rueckert's Page 




Shawn Shineman

Ext. 169

Physical Education shawn.shineman@rpbluejays.com  
 00392.jpg Amy Skillen
Ext. 228
Librarian amy.skillen@rpbluejays.com   Library Website

Molly Spiegel

STARS molly.spiegel@rpbluejays.com  
 Mrs. Stanton 00395.jpg

Rachel Stanton

Ext. 214

4th Grade rachel.stanton@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Stanton's Page

Dixie Teten

Ext. 219

Paraprofessional dixie.teten@rpbluejays.com  

Tabitha Waigand


 Special Education  tabitha.waigand@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Waigand's Page
 00399.jpg Lisa Weber
Ext. 218
6th Grade lisa.weber@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Weber's Page 

Jayme Wood


4th Grade jayme.wood@rpbluejays.com  

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Through leadership, dedication, innovation, and community partnership,
we will provide opportunities for all students to maximize their potential
and become caring, moral, productive, and self-reliant citizens.

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