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Ethan Sickels-Prin.jpg Ethan Sickels
Ext. 301
Superintendent ethan.sickels@rpbluejays.com  
DonnieParsons.jpg Donnie Parsons
Ext. 302
Principal donnie.parsons@rpbluejays.com  
KristiHerron.jpg Kristi Herron
Ext. 304
High School Secretary kristi.herron@rpbluejays.com  
DebbieYoung.JPG Debbie Young
Ext. 303
Supt. Secretary/ Bookkeeper debbie.young@rpbluejays.com  
ShaunaFarmer.jpg Shauna Farmer
Ext. 116
Counselor shauna.farmer@rpbluejays.com Counselor's Corner
KerriActon.jpg Kerri Acton
Ext. 104
English kerri.acton@rpbluejays.com Ms. Acton's Page
 MeganBebb.jpg Megan Bebb
Ext. 108


megan.bebb@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Bebb's Page
JanBurke.jpg Jan Burke
Ext. 109
Special Education jan.burke@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Burke's Page
StevieEickhoff.jpg Stevie Eickhoff
Ext. 165
Art stevie.eickhoff@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Eickhoff's Page

Jacob Erdman

Ext. 105

Math jacob.erdman@rpbluejays.com  
RichardFentiman.jpg Richard Fentiman Paraprofessional richard.fentiman@rpbluejays.com  
TiffanieGaines.jpg Tiffanie Gaines
Ext. 160
Business tiffanie.gaines@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Gaines' Page

Crystal Goins

Ext. 117

FACS crystal.goins@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Goins' Page
RossHastert.jpg Ross Hastert
Ext. 118
Agriculture ross.hastert@rpbluejays.com  

Wendy Hays

Ext. 227

Nurse wendy.hays@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Hays' Page

Alec Hendrickson

Ext. 105

Social Studies alec.hendrickson@rpbluejays.com  

Thomas Herron

Ext. 102

History thomas.herron@rpbluejays.com Mr. Herron's Page

Trudy Herron

Ext. 156

Science trudy.herron@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Herron's Page
RachelJenkins.jpg Rachel Jenkins
Ext. 166
Science rachel.jenkins@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Jenkins' Page
  Mark McMahon
Ext. 235
Maintenance mark.mcmahon@rpbluejays.com  
JackieMiller.jpg Jackie Miller
Ext. 110
Foreign Language jackie.miller@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Miller's Page

Wayne Moore

Ext. 103

Math wayne.moore@rpbluejays.com Mr. Moore's Page
AbbyPalmer.jpg Abby Palmer
Ext. 120
Band & Chorus abby.palmer@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Palmer's Page
ShawnShineman.jpg Shawn Shineman
Ext. 169
AmySkillen.jpg Amy Skillen
Ext. 155
Libarian/English amy.skillen@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Skillen's Page

Jim Skillen

Ext. 101

English jim.skillen@rpbluejays.com Mr. Skillen's Page

Kathy Ungles

Ext. 150

Business kathy.ungles@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Ungles' Page

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Through leadership, dedication, innovation, and community partnership,
we will provide opportunities for all students to maximize their potential
and become caring, moral, productive, and self-reliant citizens.

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