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The Five Laws of Librarianship According to Dr. S.R. Ranganathan

Law 1. Books are for Use. I will build collections not for vanity but for use ~Michael Gorman.

Law 2. Every Book its Reader. There are 778 different genres of books listed on Goodreads.

Law 3. Every Reader His Book. 2.4m public library books circulated among 1.5m people in 2011.

Law 4. Save the Readers time. Systems to find books are Dewey Decimal, Library of Congress, & Colon.

Law 5. Library is a Growing Organism. E-books, social networking sites, and apps available.

DR. Shiyali Facts. 1892-1972. Father/Inventor of Library Science. Wrote 60 books 2,000 articles.

Respect knowledge. Use Tech Wisely. Protect Free Access to knowledge. Honor past, create future.

Photo of resources for the 5 Laws of Librarianship.

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