Eighth Grade


Class of 2025

Addison Jayme
Anden Jaymes
Arianna Kendan
Aricin Lilly 
Avery Makaila
Bayleigh Malachi
Bracton Payten
Bryson Quentin
Caitlyn  Ryan L 
Caleb Ryan P
Cali Ryland
Claire Seth
Corbyn Sienna
Devyn Stevie
Hadleigh Trenton
Jakobie Zane


bailey 9.26 jh pe_mmf (7).jpg caleb hc dance_mjs (6).jpg
quentin aricin fall pictures_ajs (23).jpg  bracton kendan parade & pep rally_dms (302).jpg
avery aricin morgan phillip coronation_mjs (13).jpg hadleigh jones jr high vb (8).jpg 
sienna pe 9-26 jh pe_rev  (33).jpg jackobie h 9.4_kjn (8).jpg 
caleb quentin claire jayme hc dance_mjs (11).jpg Caitlyn 10.3_mmf (7).jpg
 anden and rueckert 10.3_mmf (23).jpg jaymes & devyn 10.10.19.abc(12).jpg 
malachi pe 9-26 jh pe_rev  (6).jpg corbyn Copy of rev_FullSizeRender.jpg
bayleigh limbo pep rally 9.27_dms (5).jpg ryan l trenton Copy of rev_IMG_0250.jpg
jaylynn 9.5_aml (24).jpg 7th float pep rally & parade_ajs (38).jpg
claire s limbo pep rally 9.27_dms (67).jpg 2.20_snn (2).jpg
ryan a 12.11.19_aml (25).jpg jaylynn Mat_Ball_SNN (122).jpg
stevie christmas concert_aml (44).jpg lilly p 12.6_SNN (10).jpg

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Through leadership, dedication, innovation, and community partnership,
we will provide opportunities for all students to maximize their potential
and become caring, moral, productive, and self-reliant citizens.

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