Seventh Grade

Ryan  Anden
Bracton Zane
Bayleigh Brady 
Cali Jaylynn 
Ryland Sienna
Jakobie Jaymes
Corbyn Hadleigh 
Quentin Ryan 
Addison Jayme 
Kendan Avery
Caleb Lilly
 Stevie Makaila
Adrianna Payten 
Malachi  Claire
Trenton Aricin
Devyn Caitlyn


bailey 9.26 jh pe_mmf (7).jpg caleb hc dance_mjs (6).jpg
quentin aricin fall pictures_ajs (23).jpg  bracton kendan parade & pep rally_dms (302).jpg
avery aricin morgan phillip coronation_mjs (13).jpg hadleigh jones jr high vb (8).jpg 
sienna pe 9-26 jh pe_rev  (33).jpg jackobie h 9.4_kjn (8).jpg 
caleb quentin claire jayme hc dance_mjs (11).jpg Caitlyn 10.3_mmf (7).jpg
 anden and rueckert 10.3_mmf (23).jpg jaymes & devyn 
malachi pe 9-26 jh pe_rev  (6).jpg corbyn Copy of rev_FullSizeRender.jpg
bayleigh limbo pep rally 9.27_dms (5).jpg ryan l trenton Copy of rev_IMG_0250.jpg
jaylynn 9.5_aml (24).jpg 7th float pep rally & parade_ajs (38).jpg
claire s limbo pep rally 9.27_dms (67).jpg 2.20_snn (2).jpg
ryan a 12.11.19_aml (25).jpg jaylynn Mat_Ball_SNN (122).jpg
stevie christmas concert_aml (44).jpg lilly p 12.6_SNN (10).jpg

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Through leadership, dedication, innovation, and community partnership,
we will provide opportunities for all students to maximize their potential
and become caring, moral, productive, and self-reliant citizens.


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