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 Photo of Ethan Sickels

Ethan Sickels

Ext. 301

Superintendent ethan.sickels@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Steve Waigand

Steve Waigand

Ext. 305




Mr. Waigand's Page 

Photo of Tyne Chaney

Tyne Chaney
Ext. 305

Secretary tyne.chaney@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Kari Beth Amthor

Kari Beth Amthor
Ext. 221

3rd Grade kari.amthor@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Amthor's Page
 Photo of Ciara Armstrong

Ciara Armstrong
Ext. 215

5th Grade ciara.armstrong@rpbluejays.com Ms. Armstrong's Page 
Photo of Kymm Bredensteiner

Kymm Bredensteiner
Ext. 224

1st Grade kymm.bredensteinter@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. B's Page
Photo of Andrea Cook

Andrea Cook
Ext. 228

Paraprofessional andrea.cook@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Rudy Cox

Rudy Cox
Ext. 219

Special Ed. rudy.cox@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Georgia Criger

Georgia Criger

Custodian georgia.criger@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Stevie Eickhoff Stevie Eickhoff
Ext. 165
 Art stevie.eickhoff@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Eickhoff's Page 
Photo of Tawni Ellis Tawni Ellis
Ext. 305
 Counselor tawni.ellis@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Ellis' Page 
Photo of Marty Farley Marty Farley
Ext. 230
Kindergarten marty.farley@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Farley's Page
Photo of Cindie Gaines Cindie Gaines
Ext. 236
Age 3 Preschool cindie.gaines@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Stephen Gaines Stephen Gaines
Ext. 237
Title 1 Math stephen.gaines@rpbluejays.com  Mr. Gaines' Page
 Photo of Shelby Garst Shelby Garst
Ext. 222
2nd Grade shelby.garst@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Garst's Page
Photo of Jennifer Geib Jennifer Geib
Ext. 220
3rd Grade jennifer.geib@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Geib's Page
 Photo of Gill Gilson Jill Gilson
Ext. 213
4th Grade jill.gilson@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Gilson's Page
 Photo of Kaitlea Hastert

Kaitlea Hastert

Ext 217

6th Grade kaitlea.hastert@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Hastert's Page 
 Photo of Wendy Hays Wendy Hays
Ext. 227
Nurse wendy.hays@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Hays' Page
Photo of Stacy Hughes
Stacy Hughes
Ext. 229
Kindergarten stacy.hughes@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Hughes' Page
Photo of Lynn Hunter Lynn Hunter
Ext. 234
Music lynn.hunter@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Hunter's Page
Photo of Tisha Jackson

Tisha Jackson

Ext. 305

Parents As Teachers tisha.jackson@rpbluejays.com  

Katey Kroeger

Ext. 219

Paraprofessional katey.kroeger@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Leigh Ann Lawrence

Leigh Ann Lawrence
Ext. 223

2nd Grade leighann.lawrence@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Lawrence's Page
Photo of Teresa Mertens

Teresa Mertens
Ext. 226

Title 1 Reading teresa.mertens@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Mertens' Page
Photo of Sue Owen Sue Owen
Ext. 308
Speech sue.owen@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Abby Palmer Abby Palmer
Ext. 120
Band abby.palmer@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Sheena Roup Sheena Roup
Ext. 239
Preschool sheena.roup@rpbluejays.com Ms. Roup's Page
Photo of Shawn Shineman

Shawn Shineman

Ext. 233

Physical Education shawn.shineman@rpbluejays.com  
Photo of Amy Skillen Amy Skillen
Ext. 228
Librarian amy.skillen@rpbluejays.com   Mrs. Skillen's Page
Photo of Lyn Simmons Lyn Simmons
Ext. 216
5th Grade lyn.simmons@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Simmons' Page
Photo of Molly Spiegel Molly Spiegel
Ext. 231
STARS molly.spiegel@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Spiegel's Page

Rachel Stanton

Ext. 214


4th Grade rachel.stanton@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Stanton's Page

Dixie Teten

Ext. 219


Paraprofessional dixie.teten@rpbluejays.com  
 Photo of Jennifer Vogler

Jennifer Vogler

Ext. 239

Preschool Aide jennifer.vogler@rpbluejays.com  
 Photo of Tabitha Waigand

Tabitha Waigand

Ext. 225

1st Grade tabitha.waigand@rpbluejays.com  Mrs. Waigand's Page
Photo of Lisa Weber Lisa Weber
Ext. 218
6th Grade lisa.weber@rpbluejays.com Mrs. Weber's Page 
Photo of Jennifer Welch Jennifer Welch
Ext. 219
Paraprofessional jennifer.welch@rpbluejays.com  

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